Studio & Arcade

We are very proud of our studio, Not only is it a great place to work and collaborate with talented artists, its also a great place to connect with people through pure nostalgia. 


I’ve now had 2 tattoos with Mr G at RetrINK and it was a great experience and I am so pleased with the service and of course my tattoos they were exactly what I wanted. The studio has lots of interesting memorabilia and artwork to look at and the guys are super friendly and nice 😊 Book in you won’t be disappointed 👍🏻❤️
Tee Bans Client
Just had my tattoo filled in with colour. Great work and helpful choosing design with highlights rather than full colour in added to an older tattoo to rework it and freshen it up. Tony picked a lovely shade of purple for it! Excellent work and very comfortable and relaxed in retrink’s retro style studio.

Amazing quality and service from Tony, we dropped in as a walk in, and he fitted us in straight away. Studio was absolutely spotless and clean to the highest standards. Extremely happy with the tattoos and the arcade room was such a nice touch!

Had a custom design made for my leg, Tony kept me updated with the design all the way. When it came to tattoo day, the studio is super clean and fun! Nerdy just like my tattoo! Tony did an awesome job and now I have a custom nerdy leg and it’s healed amazing. Also he kept touch after to make sure it healed. Will definitely be booking more soon!

Second time visiting, Tony is truly talented and his attention to detail is incredible. Very professional, welcoming and a friendly guy making the whole experience amazing. Would not hesitate to go back for future work.

I Had two small tattoos done by tony with my best friend as we wanted matching tattoos and also wanted the initial of my partners name, tony created a beautiful design and as someone who’s not had a tattoo in a while I was quite nervous but I was made to feel relaxed and at ease and the end result was great! The studio looked great and was so welcoming.. even had a little go on pac man while I was waiting! Couldn’t recommend tony anymore, thanks again!

Had a forearm piece done by Mr G and it’s amazing! The care they put into their art definitely comes across. They are very welcoming and the studio is a lot of fun to be in. 10/10 would definitely recommend!! Can’t wait to go back for more!!

What a great place from my first consultation through to getting my tattoo this place is amazing some great designs really felt comfortable the studio looks amazing very comfortable and the retro arcade is great something really different already planning my next tattoo and coverup I know I can trust Tony just so relaxed if your unsure just pop along and have a nosey that’s what I did

Been in a few times for a tattoo.. top quality 👌 great artist

Brilliant work, friendly artists and incredibly chill studio.. free wham bars during your tattoo and a retro arcade to break up longer sittings.. I’ve had plenty of tattoos over the years, but Tony did a great job in chilling my anxiety as this was my first in about 10 years. And I could have fallen asleep it was that painless!!

Recently Tattooed by Tony at RetrINK Saltash and buzzing with the result. The process and the actual tattooing was painless. From start to finish professionalism, cleanliness, communication and feedback.

I had a image i wanted tweaking, and at a consultation Tony went through the process, design stages and pricing. Then we communicated via messenger with any changes or additions to the image, before attending a scheduled appointment.

The appointment itself was a breeze, Tony kept me informed throughout, the tattoo was painless ( upper thigh), and the end results i am extremely happy with. Im now thinking about what else i can add to the design, or the other leg...or both!! I will definitely be returning. 

 Tea/Coffee and really lovely toilets!! Honestly...the bathroom is better than mine at stealing the design ideas! 

Thank you Tony and RetrINK, awesome experience. Image is from Disneys 'Hercules'- Hera and Baby Hercules

why should i choose you over any other studio?

Why Choose Us??

Why choose us? While we share the dedication, commitment, and hygiene standards of any other studio, what sets us apart is our unwavering focus on individual client needs. We go the extra mile to ensure your vision is realized to perfection. Our passion and respect for one another drives us to deliver exceptional work, crafted with precision and care. However, what truly distinguishes us is our unique approach to each project and each other within the studio, tailored to exceed expectations and helping to drive one another's creativity. Interested to learn more about what makes us stand out? Drop by for a coffee and experience our exceptional service first hand.


We Pride Ourselves On

  • Friendship
  • Creativity
  • Trust
  • Respect

We love what we do..

The Importance of Great Business Ethics

We consider ourselves extremely fortunate and humble to be in a situation where we love what we do in an environment that fosters creativity, friendship, and trust with a dash of 80's - 90's nostalgia from the past.

Our founder, Tony, has always believed in good business ethics and his many years in business has gained him the necessary knowledge and experience needed to apply this. In the world of tattooing, establishing a strong foundation of business ethics is essential for success. At our tattoo studio, we prioritise values such as friendship, creativity, trust and respect. These principles guide everything we do, from our interactions with clients to our relationships with fellow artists and suppliers.

Great business ethics serve as the backbone of any successful tattooing venture. By upholding values such as honesty, integrity and transparency, tattoo artists can build trust with their clients and create a positive reputation in the industry. Additionally, ethical practices help to foster a healthy work environment and promote collaboration among fellow artists. When everyone in the studio adheres to the same ethical standards, it creates a harmonious atmosphere that benefits both artists and customers.

How We Establish Great Business Ethics in Tattooing

  • Prioritise Client Relationships: Building strong relationships with clients is essential in the tattooing industry. By treating customers with respect, listening to their ideas, and delivering exceptional service, tattoo artists can create a loyal customer base that will see return for future projects.

  • Maintain Professionalism: Professionalism is key in the tattooing industry. This includes being punctual, following proper hygiene protocols, and communicating effectively with clients. By demonstrating professionalism in all interactions, tattoo artists can earn the trust and respect of their peers and clients.

  • Uphold High Standards: Tattoo artists must uphold high standards of quality and safety in their work. This includes using sterile equipment, adhering to strict cleanliness practices, and following industry regulations. By prioritizing safety and excellence, tattoo artists can ensure the well-being of their clients and establish themselves as reputable professionals in the industry.

  • Foster a Positive Work Environment: Creating a positive work environment is essential for the success of any tattoo studio. By promoting a culture of collaboration, respect, and creativity, artists can inspire each other to produce their best work. This positive atmosphere not only benefits employees or individual artists but also enhances the overall experience for clients.