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Please find below information covering the tattooing process. We have put together an informative section containing all you need to know regarding before and after your appointment.

Before your session, make sure to hydrate, avoid alcohol and sun exposure, and get a good night's sleep.

After your tattoo, follow proper aftercare instructions to ensure the best healing results.

Our FAQ's section answers various questions you may have, such as how to prepare for your appointment, tattoo pain levels, and pricing details.

At our studio, we prioritize cleanliness, professionalism, and creativity to provide you with a memorable tattoo experience.

Feel free to reach out if you have any additional questions or to book your appointment today!

How Do I Prepare for a Tattoo Appointment?

When preparing for your appointment, have a shower or bath, eat a meal and drink plenty of water. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. You should also avoid alcohol, aspirin, ibuprofen, and caffeine – these substances can interfere with your ability to handle a tattoo.

Don't drink alcohol

Although it is currently not a legal requirement, tattoo artists shouldn't tattoo an intoxicated person. We certainly wouldn't thats for sure. Bring a snack and a sports drink for longer sessions to keep yourself fuelled and hydrated. Getting tattooed is a major stressor on the body, regardless of your experience in the tattoo chair.

Bring snacks

Having a snack and a healthy drink on hand will ensure you keep your blood sugar up and retain the energy you need to navigate the process safely. You can buy snacks from the local shops near us if you need to and we provide free coffees and teas plus free Wham bars.

Stay out of the sun

To ensure your skin is ready for your tattoo appointment, stay out of the sun. Trust us — you don’t want to receive a tattoo on sunburned skin! Do yourself a favour and avoid those UV rays for at least a few days before your tattoo appointment and ensure you don’t arrive with a burn on the area.

Avoid heavy workouts

Finally, avoid heavy workouts for a couple of days before your appointment. Workouts can make your muscles sore and tense, which don’t mix well with needles and certain tattoo placements. Preparing for an appointment is just as important as the during and aftercare instructions.

Taking measures to ensure you stay hydrated, eat, and are well rested will help give your ink the best chances for an excellent outcome. Flip that coin over; knowing what not to do before a tattoo keeps you safe and healthy, and most importantly, you will better prepare your body for its new art.

It’s easy to ruin or fade your new tattoo if you do not care for it properly. Even worse, your tattoo could become infected, or you may have to get it touched up frequently or completely. Luckily, proper tattoo care is not difficult, but it is necessary.

Keep the Tattoo Covered for 2-3 hours

From the moment your tattoo is applied, the healing process begins. Within the first 24 hours, you’ll notice a range of possible changes. You may see strange-looking fluid oozing from the bandage or tattoo – this is your blood plasma and some extra tattoo ink. Your skin will also usually be red and sore. It might feel slightly warm to the touch. These are all good, normal reactions.

Wash Your Tattoo

Once the bandages/seal comes off usually within 2-3 hours, use fragrance-free, antibacterial soap to wash the area with lukewarm water and pat it dry. Do not scrub the skin or rub it dry. Remember to wash your tattoo with a light touch when first removing your wrap or bandage. The area will be sensitive, even if you’re a quick healer and experience minimal discomfort.


After cleaning your tattoo, using a moisturizer is a crucial step in tattoo aftercare. Keeping the area moist will protect it from cracking, drying, and bleeding. Use a moisture-sealing product two to three times daily (every eight to 10 hours) until the scabs have fully healed. Avoid using products with petroleum jelly in the ingredients list. These products can damage your newly acquired ink and disrupt the natural healing process. Tattoo lotions or creams containing harsh perfumes and chemicals can also cause damage to the skin and affect the healing process. We recommend using coconut oil or a specifically made tattoo aftercare product.

Do Not Expose Your Skin to the Sun

Your new tattoo is fragile, especially in its healing stages. Exposure to direct sunlight can cause fading because UV rays absorb into the skin and can break the pigment in your tattoo. Too much sun exposure can not only impede the healing process for your tattoo but can also cause harm to the inner layers of your skin. While a few minutes in the sun won’t ruin your ink, it’s best to play it safe and avoid the sun altogether for the first month or so.

Avoid Strenuous Activity or Workouts

New tattoos are open wounds that can be vulnerable to infection and other damage. Working out can expose the area to bacteria from sweat and gym equipment. You could also overstretch the healing skin and tear scabs with various exercises. Gym and workout clothes could cause rubbing and chaffing to the skin, which could cause more trauma to the area. You should wait 48 hours before doing light physical activity. Any damage to your tattoo while its healing can affect its appearance and health. It takes four to six weeks for healing, so work out with extreme caution if you choose to do so and understand the risks.

No Tight Clothing

Much like workout clothes, tight clothes can rub against your skin or cause chaffing. This can pull off scabs, stick to lotion or gels, and cause more pain or discomfort. Scabs are important for healing, and wearing breathable clothes will help keep them intact. As your ink heals, use loose-fitting clothing with lightweight and breathable fabrics to maximize the healing process. Go up a size or two, or opt for oversized versions of your favorite garments to let the area breathe and heal correctly.

Leave Your Scabs Alone

As we said, scabbing on your tattoo is crucial to healing. Much like any other cut or scrape, a tattoo is a wound that your body will naturally try to heal on its own. And just like those other open wounds, it can pull out the ink and leave a scar when you pull off or pick at a scab prematurely. Scars over top of ink usually don’t mix well

Don’t Go Swimming (But Don’t Forget To Shower)

Pools, hot tubs, lakes, etc. All great ways to relax and have fun, all ways in which you can catch an infection from bacteria in the water. Not only can an infection damage the look of your new tattoo, but it can also cause much bigger health problems. However, showering is not as optional. Keeping your skin clean is one of the best things you can do for a healing tattoo. A regular shower regimen keeps bacteria out of your fresh tattoo. If they get into your tattoo, bacteria can cause itchiness and even damage it. You don’t want to end up with a patchy tattoo, right? That’s what we thought. Save the baths for later when your tattoo is healed up, and stick with brief and efficient showers for now

Avoid Drinking Alcohol for a Few Days

Just as you shouldn’t drink booze before your tattoo appointment, it is the same for the days after. Alcohol, while it might help with the pain, will thin your blood which can lead to excess bleeding and further damage.

Don’t Shave After Your Tattoo

Of course, you can shave other parts of your body that haven’t been inked, but running a razor or blade over a new tattoo can cause a lot of damage. It can cut the skin or peel away scabs and damage the fresh ink. This includes using products like Nair because it uses harsh chemicals to remove hair which is another no-no

Stay Hydrated

Water is the key to your body’s natural skin barrier. It helps keep your skin clear and elastic. It helps with scarring and healing as well. If nothing else, you need it to stay alive, so what’s an extra glass or two after your tattoo? Drink water. Please. This is also a good occasion to enjoy some healthy food and take some skin-healthy supplements like collagen or coconut oil. A mix of healthy fats and proteins will help your skin bounce back quickly and heal up to perfection.

What Are the Signs of an Infected Tattoo?

While proper tattoo aftercare should help you avoid complications, including infection, it can still happen. If your tattoo is infected, you need to see a doctor immediately to get medication – this will help you with your overall health and the state of your tattoo.

  • A rash or hot raised skin on and around the tattoo
  • Swelling (this is normal to an extent but if it worsens over time or isn’t helped by ice, consult your doctor)
  • Fever
  • Increased pain (pain is normal, but if it gets worse and worse without relief, it could be an infection
  • Chills and sweats
  • Pus or discharge coming from the wound 
  • You should see a doctor if these symptoms last more than a week. While swelling and discomfort are normal, they should be considered abnormal if they worsen or persist for a long period. 

    It’s also important to note that it is normal for your tattoo to ooze blood and ink for the first couple of days. You might have an infection if your tattoo is still red and swollen. Go back to your artist or see your healthcare provider.




    Does tattooing hurt?

    Tattooing involves using needles to pierce the skin over and over, so there will be some unavoidable discomfort. However, many people have various pain thresholds so it can vary from one individual to the next.

    How much does it cost?

    We price tattoos depending on size, style, colour and even artist preference. Other factors such as time, last minute design changes and cover-ups can also affect the overall price too. Our tattoo artists are able to provide you with an accurate quotation.

    How old must I be to get a tattoo?

    The legal age in the U.K. to be tattooed is 18+ we also do not allow parental consent for under 18's as this is not a form of ID and is still classed as illegal. We do have a strict are you 25 policy in place so please bring a form of valid and in date ID with you.

    Valid forms of ID:
    Driving license
    Provisional driving license
    How do I make an enquiry?

    The easiest way to enquire is via our online contact page and one of our dedicated tattoo artists will get back in touch with you! Please have the following information ready, like the size of your tattoo idea in inches, a rough design example, where you want it etc.

    Where are you based?

    We don't have a shop front but we are dead easy to find. We are based above Speedy Prints next door to Bargain Booze. Entrance is to the rear of Speedy Prints. Just look for a large wooden gate.

    5 Wesley Lane, Saltash, Cornwall, PL12 6TT

    You can also visit our contact page and have a look at our pinpointed location on google maps.

    Do you allow walk ins?

    We do accommodate walk-in clients when possible, if its a small design that only requires an hour or two then we maybe able to fit you in same day but appointments are recommended for guaranteed availability.

    Are appointments mandatory?

    Appointments are highly recommended as we do get busy and this allows us to plan and design your tattoo (especially if it is a large design) and guarantees availability ensuring you do not have a wasted journey.

    Do you do coverups?

    Cover-ups are possible, but there are so many different variables when it comes to this. The best way to see if we can do a cover-up for you is to come into the studio for a consultation, or send us pictures via our enquiry form.

    Certain tattoos may need laser removal first to lighten it up so that a cover-up is then possible, this gives you more options with your new design.

    What body part hurts most?

    Areas with less fat and more nerve endings, such as the ribs, spine, and elbows, tend to be more painful. Less sensitive areas like the forearm or calf are usually less painful.

    Who's the best artist?

    The “best” artist depends on your style preference. View artist images and portfolios to choose an artist whose work best suits and aligns with your tattoo vision.

    What if I cant make it to the studio?

    We need 48 hours notice in order to reschedule your appointment, otherwise this will result in a loss of your deposit. Please contact us below, or email to let us know.

    Contact us


    What if I think its not what I want?

    If for any reason you look at your tattoo during being tattooed and start to become concerned about certain aspects of what the artist is doing then simply communicate with them telling them of your concerns. The artists will replicate the agreed design to the best of their ability. We encourage clients to research the artists work prior to this to ensure you will be happy with their style.

    I don't like where the stencil is?

    The artist will place the stencil on your chosen body area and will ask you if you are happy with the position and sizing etc. This is your opportunity to communicate to the artist any position or sizing adjustment requests.

    Can I wear earphones?

    If you want to wear earphones during the tattooing session thats fine. We recommend bringing them to your session to help make your experience more comfortable.

    How long is this going to take?

    An artist would have advised you prior to the session on duration when providing you with a quotation. Sometimes tattoos can take longer but this is not a bad thing, it just means your artist is in the zone and adding more cool details to your design. Sometimes a customer can get a little fidgety and this can slow the process down a little.

    Can I make suggestions?

    We don't mind feedback when we are tattooing especially if its regarding a concern but your artist is trying to concentrate on the agreed design so trying to give suggestions is just going to slow the process down or worse, put the artist off. You are given the opportunity to make suggestions or changes during the initial design process. You are in safe hands don't worry.

    Do I need to sign a disclaimer?

    Yes. We will not tattoo you without you fully reading and signing a disclaimer.

    What if I pass out?

    Our artist will normally spot the signs of a potential passing out. But if you pass out during the session you will be made comfortable and the artist will wait until you come around. You will then be asked to sit in our waiting area and will be given a drink and you will be advised to stay until you are fit enough to stand. We will also advise you to arrange someone to collect you. Refunds will not be possible if this happens. Your session will continue upon the current work being fully healed if not finished.

    Can I buy drinks and snacks?

    Yes of course. We encourage it. We also offer complimentary teas and coffees. We also give out free Wham bars. We are situated near various food outlets and shops so you can always pop out and grab something whether its a sandwich or a pasty.

    Can I bring a friend?

    We recommend limiting the number of people accompanying you to ensure a comfortable tattooing environment. We do have an arcade available for customers so one guest can of course use this.

    Can children come to the studio?

    For safety and comfort, it’s best to arrange childcare as our studio is not suitable for children we cannot allow under 16s into the studio, please do not bring anyone with you under age to your appointment


    Its finished but whats next?

    Once your tattoo has been finished it will be cleaned and a layer of protection will be applied. Your artist will advise you and the best course of action for looking after your tattoo as the next few days are crucial

    Do you offer aftercare?

    We offer information on how to best look after your tattoo once the session has ended. Your artist will advise you when he has finished. You can also check the information above on the tab labelled aftercare.

    What happens if I don't like it?

    During the process you should communicate to your artists about any concerns throughout the session. If there's something you don't like about it. Simply tell them there and then so that they can address it. The artists will replicate the agreed design to the best of their ability. We encourage clients to research the artists work prior to this to ensure you will be happy with their style. In rare cases we offer touch-ups on post healed work. We do not offer refunds.

    Will I need to come back?

    Some tattoos require a second or even a third session. But if your tattoo has been complete and its been a month or so after you maybe asked to come back for a tattoo review. This is where we have a look at how the tattoo has healed and if any touch ups are required.

    healed a bit patchy can you sort it?

    We offer free touch-ups for up to one month only and after the initial healing stage. If the tattoo has been touched-up and If it looks like the tattoo has been exposed to excessive sunlight or submerged in a swimming pool or there has been signs of any other type of neglect a charge will be applied.