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Below you will find a collection of various photos showcasing artwork, tattooing plus snaps of our studio and artists. Have a browse through our gallery for ideas, inspiration or to just be nosey. You can easily navigate each section of the gallery by using the tabs provided.


We aim to update our gallery every month. Showing off the latest happenings in and around our awesome studio so be sure to check back once in a while to see what we have been up to.


We hope you like what you see. If you do, we would love to hear your feedback. If you don't...well....that's ok to. Send us a suggestion and we will be happy to take on board your feedback. Maybe you would like to see more of something in particular or less for that matter, either way we would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

For your viewing pleasure

Check out some of the pics from our studio and artists

New Project (4)
New Project (6)
New Project (1)
A beautiful water colour style phoenix
Chinese dragon half sleeve
floral side rib piece
knight rib tattoo
Norse style snake back tattoo
Icarus forearm piece
Greek snake style inner arm
floral inner forearm piece
Scripture floral thigh
Calligraphy thigh piece
Large dream catcher thigh piece
80s neon studio
Vibrant clean and safe
Seating at the Retrink Studio
Retrink studio
Neon studio
Retrink arcade
Arcade fun at RetrINK
Into the arcade
Tony tattooing a gamers leg
Tribal style dragons
The joker
Thors hammer
Thors hammer added to this norse style piece
Viking ship
Tony Gartland
Thors hammer and Viking skull
Viking skull shoulder
Viking battle scene
Doom Artwork
Blade Illustration
The Joker Illustration
Robocop Illustration
He Man Illustration
Scorpion Illustration
80s neon vibes
Neon Studio
Neon Studio
Neon Studio
Scorpion tattoo design, work in progress
HeMan tattoo design, work in progress
Aliens tattoo design, work in progress
Jack Burton tattoo design, work in progress
Predator tattoo design, work in progress
RetrINK Arcade
RetrINK Arcade
RetrINK Arcade
RetrINK Arcade
Into the arcade
RetrINK Arcade
Joker black work style tattoo
Gamer geek style leg
Gamer geek style leg
Gamer geek style leg
Floral book ignorant style tattoo
Floral light bulb ignorant style tattoo
No matter what, No matter where
Lovers Initial
Lovers Initial
Tony aka Big T
Gamer Leg

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