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About me

  • I am a very alternative, artistry passion driven kind of person.

  • I've always had a fascination for anime and japanese style illustrations, which is the driving force behind most of my artistic endevours.

  • I have always enjoyed a good old nerdy style conversation, whether its movies, games and of course anime.

  • Illustration plays a huge part of my lifestyle but I do enjoy visiting landmarks and looking at various architectures.

  • I'm looking forward to taking my art to the next level, and sharing my passions with others by creating living works of art based on mine and everyone's favourite interests.
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    Mia is currently working and progressing towards finding her own style as she is currently new to tattooing and has just started her journey, but is happy to share the styles she is interested in and concentrating on below.

    An Anime style tattoo is a unique blend of symbols and bold, prominent black lines, infused with a mix of flat colours and gradients. These tattoos often feature dynamic and expressive characters, intricate designs, and vibrant colour schemes that bring them to life. Each tattoo is a work of art that tells a story and reflects the wearer's passion for Anime and Japanese culture.
    This style is easily recognized by its characteristic motifs, bold shading, and readability. As with many aspects of Japanese tattooing, the meaning or symbolism behind the work is dependent on colors used, placement, and accompanying images surrounding the main concept.
    Junior Progress
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    Neo-traditional tattoo designs feature bold, dark outlines and illustrative looks. There is a feeling of subtle dimension and the use of saturated colours. This dimension is not a 3D type of tattoo, yet they contain lines that vary in weight. This style of tattoo art consists of an illustrated look.
    These are bright, vivid designs made up of a number of subtle colour gradients that create a more gradual colour fade-out. Intended to mimic the characteristics of a classic water colour painting.

    Creative niche excellence

    Mia is dedicated to the art of tattooing and is honing her craft and skills to start tattooing clients. Keep an eye out for updates on when Mia will be ready to take on her next tattooing challenge. With her passion and determination, Mia is on a path to becoming a talented tattoo artist who will create meaningful and beautiful niche designs for her clients. Stay tuned for Mia's journey as she continues to learn and grow in the art of tattooing.

    Mia isn't currently taking bookings


    Mia is currently learning and progressing her way to eventually taking bookings and tattooing clients. Check back once in a while to see when Mia is comfortable and ready for the next step in tattooing.