About me

  • I've always had a huge love for nostalgia and retro gaming and love sharing this with my daughter.

  • I originally started out airbrushing crash helmets and illustrating and creating the odd tattoo design for friends. I was then encouraged into tattooing by friends and never looked back.

  • You will never catch me using AI to generate my artwork. I'm old school and believe in real human talent.

  • I never watch the news or get involved with anything that is designed to cause negativity. I like to remain positive and hang around with like minded positive people.

  • I enjoy training 5 days a week, slinging weights and helping others achieve their goals in the gym with advice or spotting.

  • Tattooing has become an exciting challenge for me and I am very fond of new creative challenges. It really is a great honour to be entrusted to create living works of art and to play a part in enhancing someone's identity

  • Cant wait for the day when someone asks me to tattoo either HE-MAN or Scorpion from Mortal Kombat. Both are great memories from the 80s-90s and are 2 of my favourite characters.
  • redlava


    Heres a collection of the styles and techniques MR T practices and offers his customers.  

    A realism tattoo is exactly how it sounds - a piece of artwork that looks so realistic you almost believe it's a photo! It is full of intricate details with high amounts of shading, and generally takes the most amount of time to complete.
    These types of tattoos have distinguishing features, which include: Bold and clean black outlines in a 2D finish (looks like a drawing) Highly saturated colors of red, green, yellow, and lots of black.
    Tony Gartland
    Abstract tattoos are designs that look like pieces of art themselves. Other types of tattoos are a form of art, but in this case, it's something more. These tattoos do not try to imitate or picture anything real but capture an emotion or a feeling.
    These are bright, vivid designs made up of a number of subtle colour gradients that create a more gradual colour fade-out. Intended to mimic the characteristics of a classic water colour painting.
    Thors Hammer
    Viking skull shoulder
    Viking battle scene
    The joker
    Tribal style dragons
    Tattoo Practice
    Doom Artwork
    Scorpion Illustration
    He Man Illustration
    Blade Illustration
    Terminator Illustration
    The Joker Illustration
    Ghost Rider Illustration
    Robocop Illustration
    Jason Voorhees
    He-Man tattoo design
    Jason Voorhees Mask Tattoo
    Scorpion tattoo design
    The Jason Voorhees
    Egon Spengler Tattoo Design
    David from The Lost Boys
    BeetleJuice Tattoo Design
    Scorpion tattoo design, work in progress
    HeMan tattoo design, work in progress
    Aliens tattoo design, work in progress
    Jack Burton tattoo design, work in progress
    Predator tattoo design, work in progress
    Floral book ignorant style tattoo
    Floral book ignorant style tattoo
    Floral light bulb ignorant style tattoo
    No matter what, No matter where
    No matter what, No matter where
    No matter where
    Friendship quote tattoo
    Lovers Initial
    Lovers Initial
    Gamer geek style leg
    Gamer geek style leg
    Gamer geek style leg
    Joker black work style tattoo
    Viking style axe
    Viking style axe
    Viking style axe
    Leopard style tattoo
    Small UFO flash piece

    Multitude of illustrational experience

    Tony is the heart and soul behind RetrINK, where his journey of years of artistry and illustration unfolds. A self-taught creator and a stickler for perfection, he possesses a rich pool of creative and illustrative experiences. Steering clear of AI-generated images, Tony crafts every design from scratch, captivating a loyal clientele that venerates his authentic approach. Committed to excellence, he stands by his work, going the extra mile to deliver results that resonate with both himself and his patrons. For Tony, elevating the customer experience and providing top-notch aftercare are paramount, reflecting his unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and client satisfaction. As a resident artist, Tony's new found passion and artistry will continue to grow and shine through in every stroke of his needles, making him a true maestro in his craft.

    Tony aka Big T

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